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Our journey of creating The Sanctuary Co. began during a time when we moved to Southern California. We were in a unfamiliar place and unsure of what the future held, but in the midst of a challenging season we received uplifting local hospitality from many of our Airbnb Hosts and others in the community. After spending three transformative months as Airbnb guests in sunny California, the seeds of our business were sown. Inspired by the impact of these experiences, when we moved back to Johnson City 6 years ago, and we ventured to share the joy of hospitality by offering our own cherished home on Airbnb in Johnson City.

As we welcomed guests from around the world, our passion for hosting flourished. Rooted in the stunning region of Northeast Tennessee, we take immense pride in spotlighting its natural beauty and vibrant culture.

Specializing in tennessee vacation rentals, we’ve built a track record of excellent guest experiences spanning over five years and collaborations with more than 30 flourishing properties, our commitment to crafting exceptional guest experiences continues to be the heart and soul of The Sanctuary Co.